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Mining Association of British Columbia

All B.C Communities are Mining Communities.

The B.C. mining industry is foundational to the province and represents $11.7 billion in economic activity, over 30,000 direct and indirect jobs across all regions of the province, and $859 million in contributions to governments, supporting B.C.’s essential public services.

In the spring of 2018, NNW produced a Fall Campaign to demonstrate the economic reach of the BC mining industry. The study provides important economic data that will help connect BC’s urban communities to operating mines  empowering the associations with the data to verify claims about the extensive spin off benefits and secondary jobs generated by the mining industry. 

The Fall campaign is centred around key events including, The Union of BC Municipalities (UMBC) annual general meeting. This presents an unique opportunity to reach out to community leaders and stakeholders, raise awareness about the important contribution of the mining industry and build support at a community and grass roots level. 

NNW also promoted the event by wrapping a new Chevrolet Volt, building on the #fuelledbymining message, redesigned in the colours of BC, with the addition of key messages and data supported by the iTotem community connections study. The car will also attend strategic events thought out the Fall. NNW also worked with Chargepoint to add a branded charging station in Whistler. The station will be wrapped with MABC key messages and promoted as part of MABC’s UBCM outreach and strategy. The charging station will be unveiled as part of the iTotem Data Press Conference as a photo opportunity with the CEV 2.0.

Graphic Assets for Campaign

Campaign Video

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