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Mining Association of BC

As Canada’s largest producer of copper and steelmaking coal, our mines help provide the copper needed for electric cars, and the steelmaking coal required to build green infrastructure such as public transit and wind turbines. Mining is a High Tech Industry.

British Columbia’s miners are innovators, driving technology forward in our province and beyond. There are over 1,200 companies located in Lower Mainland municipalities that benefit from more than $460 million in annual spending by BC’s operating mines, and many of these companies, from Abbotsford to West Vancouver, are providing highly engineered technology, applications and artificial intelligence that ensure BC’s modern mines are digitally connected and optimized in every respect, including safety, productivity and environmental performance. Launching alongside BC Mining Month in May 2019, the Mining is a High Tech Industry Campaign explored the tech innovation powered by our local mining industry. Putting the spotlight on local companies, the campaign explored drones, 3D modelling, and on-site innovations.

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