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Study North BC

Study North BC is a campaign Drivng awareness about education in the Northern bc region, with four participating Northern British Columbia Universities and Colleges: UNBC, NLC, CMC and CNC.

In 2016, Cailey Murphy developed a marketing and branding strategy using a regional perspective to promote the northern institutions. The project aims to show the world-class education and career path opportunities and small town welcome that await prospective students in Northern BC.

The project consisted of Stakeholder consultation, research of current marketing initiatives, competitive and an environmental scan of the region as well as creating and developing a Branding and Marketing Strategy. NNW undertook a series of focus groups with target audiences, including career educators and both domestic and international students. Following consultation with the Northern Post-Secondary Advisory Group, NNW refined a proposed brand concept. A marketing strategy was developed in accordance with the findings.  NNW worked with the talented team at Red Rocket Creative Strategies to develop the new online portal and creative assets.

Graphic Assets for Campaign

For more information on Study North BC, please visit SNBC.